Wavetra 16 battery rack for 200Ah block Inverter battery

Save 51%

Buy battery rack for your Inverter deep cycle batteries. This battery rack will comfortably seat 16 pieces of the typical 200Ah block shaped deep cycle batteries. This is the most common type of deep cycle battery.

Battery dimension of each battery is something like:

Length: 20.55 (inches)
Width: 9.45 (inches)
Height: 8.50 (inches)
Total Height: 9.45 (inches)

This battery rack is constructed with a very strong screw-able metal frame that can take up to 1120kg load which is even more than the typical 60kg batteries x 16 pieces.

Each row will seat four of these batteries. They seat really comfortably and batteries will be well ventilated. In fact take a look at the picture, don't you like what you see? Place your order now!

Note that you get only the battery rack.