Solar Charger Power Bank + Solar Panel Foldable Mobile Charger


This is a 2 product in one order: A unique solar charger plus solar power bank from Wavetra Energy LTD. The solar powerbank  comes with a strong and stylish leather foldable super efficient solar panel with large surface area, large enough to charge your power bank up to 100% without 'NEPA' or generator. This product comes with a real 10,000mAh battery and its super rugged and effective. It can charge your mobile devices, tablets, phones, cameras and many other 5V DC gadgets.


This solar charger power bank has Precise electronic board, have prevent overcharge, discharge,prevent leakage, short circuit and high temperature resistant.

Current output from the 2 USB ports is 1A and 2A respectively.


* Four  solar panels

* Double USB can charge 2 mobile phones meanwhile.

* LED indicators show you the energy state of the power bank.

* LED flash light used for SOS and evening lighting.

* Use for various mobile phones, electronics and digital devices.

* Precise electronic board, have prevent overcharge, discharge,prevent leakage, short circuit and high temperature resistant.



Wavetra 10W foldable Solar Panel USB mobile charger (5W X 2) colour black - Charge your Android mobile phones, Apple iPhones, powerbanks, tablets, Bluetooth headset and a wide range of mobile products on the go with this 10W foldable Solar Panel USB mobile charger (5W X 2). Each panel is 5watts making it 10 watts in total.

You don't need 'NEPA' again to charge your device. With this 10W solar charger, you are sure your mobile devices will charge as long as there is sunlight.



The world's most trustworthy solar panel:
made of Sunpower Solar Cell, the world’s best solar cell on the market
laminated with ETFE, an incredible magic material, excellent weather resistance, leading-edge waterproof and flame-resistance.

Go Green, Stay Connected!

Charge with the power of the sun, enjoying the clean and unlimited power.
When you're out enjoying the great outdoors, enjoy another perk: free limitless power. Simply spread out the solar panels or attach to your pack to start recharging your gadgets.

Specification:Charging port output: DC 5V 2.1A max

1. Use the solar charger to shade device from direct sunlight.
2. Light intensity will affect charger output. Bright sunlight provides optimum charging conditions. 

You can also use this device to charge a power bank to store energy generated.

This product is a solar charger that is foldable for easy carrying and storage. It has a mini voltage controller regulator which works for a lot of devices that require 5V DC power. It is the best choice for outdoor adventure, hiking, camping, backpacking, etc.