Mini importation business killer secrets - step by step guide

Save 87%

Welcome to this amazing course that will take you step by step on how to start your mini importation business in Nigeria, India, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, USA and any where in the world. I will show you my personal story how I started with only $50 and I grew it into $3,000 in just a little over 1 month.

Mini importation is the real way to do business and actually make money and double your income in a short while.

Learning Outcomes:

This is simply the best course you can take on Mini importation. At the end of the course you will learn all you need to know in order to start your importation business from your home.

At the end of the course, you would be able to do the following:

Course content:

  • Mini importation introduction
  • How much capital needed to start your mini importation business?
  • How to source for products -
  • Trusted websites to import from
  • How to know a reliable supplier
  • Before you buy from Alibaba or Aliexpress.
  • Important things to know about buying from
  • How to negotiate with the Chinese
  • The best type of products to import
  • How to know hot selling products
  • How to make payment securely
  • 9.3 Paying with Naira or Dollar debit card?
  • Getting a personal Chinese agent and How to ship your goods to Nigeria or to your country
  • How to deal with fraud
  • Physical store
  • Social Media marketing
  • E-commerce selling: Selling on Konga and Jumia, Jiji, Amazon or your own website.