Auto 12V/24V 30A PWM Efficient Solar Charge Controller


This supper efficient 30A PWM solar charge controller auto detects 12V/24V installation with unique graphically enhanced LCD monitor for the advanced technician and dummies alike. 

This 12V/24V 30A solar charge controller comes with extra protection including overloading and short circuit protection, protection for battery voltage, etc. Please see Wavetra's detailed specification of this product below.



30a PWM solar charge controller for Solar/PV and wind turbine with low price
1. Charge for 12V lead acid battery
2. High efficient, energy-saving, Safe
3. LEDs instruct charge status, battery capacity and work condition
4. Special fan-shape aluminum heat sink, especially suitable for tropical heat environment like any part of Nigeria even in extreme weather condition.
5. PWM control, offering battery reverse polarity protection, solar module reverse polarity protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, and open circuit protection.


Product Description

12V 24V 30A PWM Intelligent Solar Controller for Solar System
1. CPU controlled with PWM function 
2. Compensation charging 
3. LCD monitor 
4. Temperature sensor  
Rated voltage 12V /24V Automatic voltage recognition
Max charge current 30A
Max discharge current 30A
Full charge cut 16.5V/33V
Low voltage cut 11V/22V
Low voltage restore 12.6V/25.2V
Temperature compensation -3mv/ºC/cell
Static current ≤45mA
Voltage drop <220mv
Wire area max 6mm²
Weight 0.5Kg
Size L210*W120*H50 mm
Packing quantity 30 pieces/carton


- Visual LCD graphic symbol
- Brief key operation
- Grade auto switch of system voltage - Intelligent PWM Charging Mode
- Auto temperature compensation - Adjustable charging & discharging parameter
- Settable working modes of loads - Accumulative function of charging & discharging AH
- Overloading & short-circuit protection - Battery reversed protection
- Delayed auto restart after overloading protection - Protection for battery low voltage
- Protection for battery back discharging

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