1300w 72v 110m DC Brushless Solar Powered Borehole Water Pump


Buy solar powered water pump from Wavetra Energy LTD. This 1300W is designed to power up the pump for a maximum deep bore hole length of 110m or less when sun is shining. It can work without battery thereby saving you the cost of complete system.

The system do not need grid or 'NEPA' or generator source of power to work. It only need sunlight which means its completely off grid.

1-Stainless Steel Outlet

For DC solar pumps, we equip stainless steel outlet which is durable and sanitary.

2-Inlet Filter

Every pump’s inlet, we will add a filter to prevent impurities,sands, or other material clogging the pump while in operation.

3-Synchronous Motor

All our solar pumps are equipped with DC brushless permanent-magnetic synchronous motor,15%-20% more efficient than common motor, can realize flow control function.

4-Blue Flat Wire

For 3inch and 4inch solar pumps, we equip blue flat cable wire; for 6 inch pump more than 11kw, we equip black cable wire.

5-MPPT controller

Sand-proof, water-proof, high temp. Resisting MPPT controller, Max power point tracking making most use of the sun. The LED screen shows current,power,voltage,speed data.


Package Includes
1x 1300W 72V Borehole solar pump
MPPT borehole solar controller
  • Runs off solar panel 6 x 300W
  • Panels Not Included