50W Integrated All In One Solar LED Street Light With Panel & Battery

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Buy durable solar street light in Nigeria for your projects from Wavetra Energy LTD. A new revolutionary UK standard 40W all in one street light bulk head product combining super efficient solar panel and LED technology. The best solution for all areas with poor electricity supply, remote places with no good communications, and all the areas with/without electricity supply but with good climatology. The system charges the battery during the day and illuminate at night. Due to the use of LED technology, is able to maximize all the solar energy and illuminate the environment with radiant light.



Garden, Residence, Courtyard Crosswalk, Roadway
Mine, Parking lot
Area with no electrical supply

All-in-one design

The solar panel will receive the solar energy and be stored in the Lithium-Iron battery through the charge controller, to finally be used to illuminate at night. Due to the use of high-end LED technology, the solar light will be 100% optimized.


Body Material: Aluminum

Light Source: LED Bulbs

Wattage: 40

Voltage: 12V

Is Bulbs Included: Yes

Protection Level: IP65

Power Source: Solar


At WAVETRA ENERGY store, we put you the customer at the fore front. We import/deliver only products that meets international (European) standard. After your purchase of this item, we provide a lifetime after sales service and at least 1 year warranty on all items.