48V/50A PWM Solar Charge Controller


This best selling 48V/50A PWM solar charge controller is what every installer needs as it comes with a stylish LCD display and advanced protection against Battery Over Voltage, ReverseConnection Protection, Load Over Current Protection, etc. Please see Wavetra detailed specification of item below.

Protection Function:
1.Battery Low Voltage Protection(LVD)
2.Battery Over Voltage Disconnection (OVD)
3.Load Over Current Protection
4.High Voltage Disconnection Protection (HVD)

Application: Solar System Controller, Charger Controller, Lighting Controller, Wind Controller, Solar Working Station



This item can be installed by anyone, it is built to be installed both by the advanced technician and the new comer dummie who knows little about it. Although the later can be permissible, Wavetra advises that every installer should quip him/herself with the basic theoritical knowledge of how Charge controller works and this item's manual is there for ayone's perusal.