2kW solar DC water bore hole pump and Installation

2kW solar DC water bore hole pump and Installation. No battery is required for this installation. 110M. Please see specifications below:
* Solar panel
250W x 8
* Solar panel brackets
C type steel ground brackets
3×16 arranged
* PV pumping
Rated power:1300W; DC
Head: 110M;

* Distribution box
Rated voltage: DC1000V
one way input, one way output, lightning protection, waterproof
* PV cable
PFG1169 standard,1x4mm2 100M
* Waterproof cable
National standard, four core soft cable, 4×2.5mm2 110M
* Lightning rod
2M high, with 4 mounting expansion screws

* MC4 connector
2 sets
* Head
Pump head and water yield are optional. Head and water yield are

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