16mm2 Battery Solar PV Cable - Flex Copper - 50m

by Wavetra
Save 10%

Pure copper 50 meters of 16m2 copper solar PV cable flex from Wavetra Energy LTD. Highly flexible, high performance insulated cable, Suitable for battery and solar module applications. Premium, flexible, weather-resistant power cable. Especially designed for the demanding applications in photovoltaic systems. The optimal cable links between solar panels and between panels and the inverter. Suitable for rooftops and ground-mounted systems. Suitable for laying outdoors, indoor and in cable ducts. Approximate diameter 10.30mm.

Using up to 16mm2 flex cable will make your installation highly energy efficient as you will save power you would have lost through heat, etc.

a. Extra flexible, Excellent electric and mechanical characteristics and wear-resisting.

b. Good resistance to oil, heat, flame, Supper abrasion resistant

c. Simple in structure, Convenient to use

d.Outstanding toughness and durability.

e.High resistance to cuts, tears and abrasion.