12V/24V/36V/48V MPPT Solar Controller 100A

This advanced Wavetra 12V/24V/36V/48V 100A MPPT Controller you are about to order is super intelligent MPPT controller with a record up to 99.9% conversion efficiency which remarkably boosts your battery charging rate remarkably faster than the traditional MPPT charge controllers. This durable 100A MPPT charge controller from WAVETRA ENERGY LTD is manufactured with the strictest European standard and it conveniently adapts to Nigeria's tropical weather condition and hot temperature. Continue to read below to see the advanced specifications of this charge controller.
This charge controller is a solar charger with advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT Technology). The advanced MPPT algorithm extracts the maximum power from the solar panels and maximize the performance of your PV system in all weather conditions.
Maximum input voltage:150V
Compatible with 4 different types of batteries:
  • Sealed lead-acid
  • Pb AGM
  • Pb gel
  • NiCd
  • LiFe

Product Characteristics:

1.PowerCatcher maximal power Tracking technology can still trace the maximal power point of solar battery in the complicated environment. Compared with traditional MPPT Tracking technology, it enjoys higher response speed and higher Tracking efficiency.

2. MPPT charge efficiency is greater than traditional PWM charge efficiency by about 15% ~20%.

3. MPPT Tracking efficiency can be as much as 99.9%.

4. Adopting advanced digital power technology, the circuit energy conversion efficiency can be as much as 98%.

5. The products support lithium batteries, charging output has active voltage stabilization function. In case of open circuit of lithium batteries or BMS overcharging protection, the storage battery end of the controller shall output stable target voltages in time, thereby possessing good lithium electric activation function.

6. Preset a variety of battery types: lithium batteries, sealed batteries, colloidal batteries, open batteries and selfdefinition.

7. Lead-acid batteries support temperature compensation function. With charging line loss compensation, the voltage of the battery terminal can be accurately controlled.

8. With current-limiting charging, in case of too much battery panel power (charging current is greater than rated current), the controller automatically reduces the charging power so that it can operate within the rated charging current.

9. With built-in over temperature protection mechanism, when the temperature exceeds the set temperature value, the charging power shall decline in a linear way with the temperature.

10. It supports parallel function and breaks through the power limit of single unit. Therefore, combination of several units can meet greater charging power.

11. With built-in Bluetooth 4.0BLE module, it can achieve mobile phone APP data interaction.

12. Supporting standard Modbus protocol, it provides protocol technology support to facilitate secondary development and application by users.

13.Programmable relay output.