Conoravirus (COVID 19) - Wavetra Energy response

Wavetra Energy LTD is closely following guidance set out by the Nigeria Centre for a Disease Control (NCDC), Lagos state Government and the World Health Organization on the outbreak of COVID 19. We are taking adequate measures to protect all members of our staff and you, our customer. We have provided hand sanitizers and running water fur everyone that visits us at our office. Additionally, our staff have been trained to handle any one that may show symptoms or any question you may have with regards to this pandemic.

To protect our staff contact with people, we work physically at office only 3 times a week.

Any staff who may show any sign of respiratory sickness must stay home for 3 days and report with a COVID 19 test report or self isolate for 14 days.

We maintain social distacing in office and while in contact with customers, as much as possible. We try to adhere to 2 meters social distancing guide.

Here are some of the disruptive measures we have taken in the core areas of our business so far:

Solar components purchase and installation

We already have a super fast e-commerce website: We advice you our customer to try as much as possible to carry all transactions via our online platform. Our dispatch team will deliver the goods and install your system wherever you are.


Site Inspection/Installation:

We will continue to fully protect our staff during a site inspection. We will maintain social distancing with clients and our engineers will have their nose masks, hand gloves and hand sanitizer intact during site visit and installation.

We reserve the right to carry out an online site inspection or outrightly reject a job where we think we place our staff in high risk of contracting the virus.

Wavetra Energy Academy

1. Although the Lagos state Government has banned a meeting of 50 or more people in a place, in order to protect our students, we've taken this further by taking in only 5 students at a time for our training.

Note: Following the recent lockdown directive, we have restricted all learning to be via our online platform:

2. We have strictly enforced social distancing as advised by WHO as much as we can. Each of the students will be trained more like a one on one basis.

3. To improve our rate of self isolation according to WHO, where necessary, especially for some theoretical class, our students will learn using our highly innovative and robust online learning platform This platform is a game changer. We have built it with a live question and answer feature where students can ask questions and have our tutors respond straight to their email. Over 200 students already use it.

4. BONUS: As part of our corporate social responsibility, we are giving our one days CD and one DVD 📀 on renewable energy training and mini importation all at NO EXTRA COST. We will use any means available to us to encourage our students during this pandemic to learn even from their comfort zone or place of isolation.

So this effectively means that those who train with WAVETRA ENERGY ACADEMY during this period will get additional benefits from us. Here is the summary below:


- One on one training with the tutor. Save as much as N80,000 as our usual corporate /personal training goes for N120,000.

-Participants having a better understanding of solar/installation.

Our 2 data DVD/CD worth 5,000 will be given for free as part of our social cooperate responsibility.

Note: For those who has paid, date will be sent across for practical training.

Stay safe. Much love from Wavetra Energy LTD.

Chief Customer service officer.

P.S. We will continue to review this guide on daily basis as we get further information from NCDC. Our updated policy may not appear here immediately.