1400W MPPT Wind Solar Hybrid Boost Charge Controller 12V 24V apply for 800W 600W wind turbine generator +600W 400W solar panels

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This is an amazing MPPT Wind/Solar  Hybrid 12V/24V 800W/600W charge controller. Buy from Wavetra Energy online and offline stores.

  • 1. 12/24V auto match for 0-800W wind, 0-600W solar system. Wind turbine charging adopted booster MPPT technology, which makes under low wind speed, the Wind turbine's electricity can still be used.
  • 2.In the high wind speed or the Wind turbine of power is beyond the scope of the battery and load absorption, the controller immediately launched the step-less unloading function,protection system of the equipment.
  • 3.Discharge part working mode can be set, light control mode, time control function etc, The user can be set up according to the requirements on its own combination.
  • 4.Man-machine interface of the controller USES a custom LCD screen and four key operation mode, the user to use simple and easy to use, popular and easy to understand, convenient and quick.
  • 5.The controllers with perfect protection function, including: lightning counter-attack, solar charger, over-voltage automatic braking, storage battery reverse connect and open protection, etc.

    Application: Charger Controller,Voltage Controller,Solar System Controller,Wind Controller,Solar Working Station,Lighting Controller
    Maximum Current: 80A
    Model Number: Boost MPPT Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller
    is_customized: Yes
    Application: wind solar hybrid controller
    Solar Anti-charging Protection: Yes
    Battery Reverse Protection: Yes
    Open Circuit Protection: Yes
    Over-voltage Protection : Yes
    Over-wind Protection: Yes
    Over-load Protection : Yes
    Warranty : 2 Year Free Maintanence