Buy  best Deep cycle Inverter batteries in Nigeria

Buy best Deep cycle Inverter batteries in Nigeria

Do you want to buy a deep cycle battery or Inverter battery in Nigeria? Wavetra Energy LTD is Nigeria's biggest offline and online distributor of solar products including deep cycle batteries. We deliver to anywhere in Nigeria and our prices are highly affordable.

We sell long lasting inverter deep cycle batteries in Nigeria with long life span and at a wholesale price.

What is Deep cycle or Inverter battery?

Unlike car batteries or starter batteries, a deep cycle battery is designed with thick plates that will enable it withstand deep discharging over and over again.

Why buy from Wavetra Energy LTD?

At Wavetra Energy, we sell only genuine products. Apart from the brands that we import to Nigeria ourselves, we have been authorised to sell all the brands listed in this website.

We ship item to our logistics partners the same day your order is placed. You can choose to pick from any of our offline stores at no shipping charge or we ship to your location anywhere in Nigeria at a very affordable rate.


We have special arrangement with the brand owners of the product listed here and we provide at least 1 year limited warranty on any item you purchase from