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Wavetra Power calculator

Use this special and free energy calculator to calculate in kWh (per month) your average energy need and usage. This gives you a great insight on what your power consumption is and will provide an invaluable aid to the sizing of your system.

Select the appliance you use. Note that the final figure is only an estimate. Also the wattage provided is our estimate. Please feel free to input the exact wattage of your appliance if you know it under Power Rating (Watts)
Appliance Power Rating (Watts) Average Daily Usage (Hours) Quantity

0.00 kWh

Do you wish to know how energy in kWh or power (W) your appliances consume in a month or more? We are introducing the quick and fast Wavetra Energy use calculator tool. This tool is a simple do it your self application that will let you calculate the average energy your electrical equipment use up.

This will help you easily size your system before your solar/inverter installation. With this tool, you will have an idea of your power/energy consumption and will easily determine how many batteries, solar panels and waht inverter capacity you will need.

Once again, this Wavetra energy use calculator is completely free.


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