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Electrical Power generation facts: Nigeria

Nigeria a country of about 190 million unfortunately can not generate enough power for its citizens. The power generation from the grid is on the average 4,000MW while the installed plants has the capacity of generating up to 12.5MW of electricity. The data below is a USAID fact publication on the state of power generation in Nigeria:


  • Installed Capacity: 12,522 MW
    • Thermal: 10,142 MW
    • Hydro: 2,380 MW
  • Power Africa New MW to Date Reached Financial Close: 3,384 MW
  • Power Africa 2030 Pipeline: 11,750 MW


  • Current Access Rate: 45%
    • Rural: 36% Urban: 55%
  • Households without Power: 20 million
  • Target: Universal access by 2030
  • Power Africa New Off-Grid Connections: 237,000
  • Power Africa New Grid Connections: 266,000


Biggest Issues

  1. Macroeconomic forces
  2. Lack of creditworthy utilities
  3. Lack of strong, transparent regulator

Power Africa Interventions

  1. Loss reduction work with utilities
  2. Transaction advisory services
  3. Partnership with National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
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